Friday, 1 April 2011

About Juanelo...

     My name is Juan León Troncoso, I'm 19 years old and I come from Villa Alemana. I study Veterinary in "Universidad de Chile" since 2010.
     I love the animals, specially dogs, horses and
killer whales.
     I play guitar, piano and flute of course, I like singing romantic songs and pop, 'cause I like this kind of music. I sing music in spanish, english and japanese.
     I like to see japanese series, chiefly Naruto Shippuden and Kurozuka, they are so cool.
                                          Know more about this carzy guy.


  1. Hi John, how are you?. I hope well. I like your blog.
    See you later

  2. What's up joohn! ajjahjajha
    I didn't know you liked the romantic music, I thought you only liked lady gaga,'cause you're the whole day singing it, in fact i realized that you sing well.
    Something that you forgot to put in your introduction.... you are an amazing dancer and your specialty is "axe" xD

  3. juanelo!! hi how you doing^^ I just saw what you wrote xd. I know about your music taste 'cause you are the Dancing .....King jaakajakaja....
    I see you're an orchestra men ( like farkas XD), so you have to teach me how to play guitar or your most shameful secret will be exposed D:!
    kidding :B:B
    see ya' on class XOXO

  4. hi juanitooooooooo!!!!!!!!!
    i like your post....
    you are a very sexy dancer...jajajajaja!!!
    bye bye...

  5. Hi John,
    well done! what kind of Japanese series are those?